What to Bring

What To Bring

Here are some suggestions to make your trip more comfortable and more fun! If you have any questions about any of these topics or about weather or special conditions or what’s being caught, please call the H&M Landing office at (619)222-1144.

What to Wear

Dressed for success...

Dressed for success…

Don’t wear your nicest clothes – it’s a fishing boat and things can get messy (we kinda hope that they do). Tee shirts and jeans or shorts are the ticket.

Bring a jacket or sweatshirt – it’s usually a few degrees cooler with a little more breeze on the ocean.

Short rubber boots are ideal footwear. Tennies or water shoes are fine – be aware that your feet will probably get wet. Flip flops or open-toed sandals are not recommended. Bare feet are not allowed.

Sun Protection

A hat, sunglasses and sun screen are recommended. The sun reflects off the water and can burn you pretty quickly if you’re not protected.


You’ll definitely create some memories you’ll want to capture and share.

Food & Drink

No need to bring any food – the Premier has a full galley with hot food, snacks, water, coffee, beer & soft drinks.

If you want to bring your own food or soft drinks you are welcome to do so.
Please do not bring any alcoholic beverages or ice chests/coolers aboard.


H&M Rental Tackle

H&M Rental Tackle Does the Job

No need to bring any tackle – you can rent whatever you need at H&M landing!

Of course if you have your own tackle you are welcome to bring it aboard. Light to medium weight (15-25 pound class) salt water tackle is ideal for half-day fishing.

Some anglers enjoy fishing with heavier fresh water tackle. Your fresh water bass rods & reels will work for salt water bass too (calico bass & sand bass), but there’s always the chance of hooking a fish too big to handle on your bass gear (there aren’t many 20+ pound yellowtail at the local lakes).

The tackle shop at H&M Landing has a complete selection of hooks, sinkers, lures and whatever else you might need. If you have any questions about tackle or specific fishing conditions, please give them a call at (619)222-1144.

Fishing License

A California fishing license is required. You can purchase a one-day or annual license at the H&M Landing office before boarding the Premier.

What to do with your catch

On-board fish processing.

On-board fish processing. “Bon appetit!”

Most of the fish we catch on our half-day fishing trips are delicious!

Take a look in the fresh fish case at the seafood market next door to H&M Landing,a nd you’ll probably see local yellowtail, local halibut, local white sea bass, local rockfish selling for about $20 per pound. You won’t see calico bass, because it’s not allowed to be sold commercially, but if it was it would probably sell for closer to $30 – it’s that good!

At the end of your trip you can take your fish home whole and process them yourself. Or you can take home a bag (or two or three or more) of ready-to-eat fillets when you let the crew process your fish for you aboard the Premier.

Most people find that the small fillet charge is way more than worth it for the time and hassle you avoid.

It’s easy to transport your catch home if you’re prepared. Have a large plastic bag or a cooler in your vehicle (remember, no ice chests aboard the boat), and you can pick up a bag of ice at the landing to keep your fish fresh until you get them home.

What not to bring

Out of respect for the law* and for the health and safety of your fellow passengers and the crew, please do not bring any alcohol, drugs or weapons aboard.

Please do not bring any ice chests or coolers aboard.

*Federal law prohibits bringing alcoholic beverages, weapons or illegal drugs aboard any USCG certified passenger vessel.

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